Abstract Forms (LP)

Abstract Forms (LP)

Sandro Brugnolini
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“Abstract Forms” is a selection of rare as yet unreleased in any physical format Sandro Brugnolini recordings from the late Eighties and early Nineties. The sixteen electronic tracks were produced for television background use or synchronization and, thanks to their great intensity and suspense, are still perfect to be scored in any number of thriller sequences, connecting smooth jazz memoirs filtered with machines overplayed on videogame sounding backgrounds. The majority of these experiments are not only characterized by their use of electronic instruments, as dictated with the requirements of the time, they also have a specific rhythmic inventiveness that gives them their identity. One more time the Italian brilliant composer follows his strong drive in drawing inspiration from what technology can offer him.


A1. Kandinsky 1 - WhitBian
A2. Dreamed Horizon
A3. Creativity
A4. Kandinsky 2 - BlackNer
A5. Baby Gang
A6. Deretanz
A7. I Remember Sax
A8. Young Clan

B1. Kandinsky 4 - GreenRos
B2. Kandinsky 3 - BlueGial
B3. Barbarel
B4. Namorevols
B5. Vapor Killer
B6. Omen Nemo
B7. Burne Jones 1
B8. Burne Jones 2