Amparo (LP+7")

Amparo (LP+7")

The Deli, Es-K, Jansport J
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Reinforcing the global nature of the hip hop community, Cold Busted fam The Deli, Es-K, and Jansport J met in Madrid, Spain, to record an ambitious new project. Convening for the occasion of a Spanish release party for the Es-K album ReCollection, a studio and temporary home was constructed, the ‘Beat Embassy’ brand was formed, and the work began. Inspiration was rampant — collaborations with local MCs and curious visitors added weight to the project as creatives from around the world unified to create shared art. The result is the album Amparo.

The combination of the creative environment and all this talent yielded a fascinating and immersive album. The spirit of experimentation is palpable, found on tracks like the cosmic jazz workout “Inner Space Travel,” the expressive sample-constructions of “Caña,” and the wistful sonic time travel of “Madrid3am.” Amparo is chock-full of vibes, and the collective journey of The Deli, Es-K, and Jansport J rings true.


A1. 9 Minutes
A2. Caña
A3. Asociacion
A4. GinTonic
A5. Craaazy
A6. Flootish
A7. Adapta
A8. Inner Space Travel
A9. Madrid3am
A10. Neededit

B1. La Guinda
B2. Rainy Nights
B3. EL32
B4. Lavapies
B5. Last Kiss
B6. UhYea
B7. Worknite
B8. Wave King
B9. Whoreallyknows
B10. On Sunday

C1. Untitled
C2. Untitled

D1. Untitled
D2. Untitled