Contempo (LP)

Contempo (LP)

Keith Mansfield
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hey Say: “New directions in contemporary scoring”.

We say: Contempo is one of the best full album listens in the KPM 1000 library. Succinct smoking soul, super tight breaks and string-drenched sleaze composed by the library master, Keith Mansfield.

Originally released in 1976 but, like the very best KPM records, wonderfully timeless, Contempo is also no mere LP-length collection of loosely related tracks. This is a rare example of a library record that is a genuinely great listen from start to finish.

Many library records are a game of two halves and Contempo is certainly one of those. The first side cooks on a high funk breaks flame whilst the flip is something altogether more tranquil, yet no less groovy. It lays back with dreamier, post-coital grooves.

With audio from the original analogue tapes remastered for vinyl and artwork restored from archive scans, this is another one ticked off the list of library records that should be out there for anyone who wants a copy.


A1. The Fix
A2. What's Cooking
A3. Cut To Music
A4. Man Alive
A5. Funky Footage

B1. Breezin'
B2. Good Vibrations
B3. Sun Goddess
B4. Love Deluxe
B5. Snake Hips