Dalla Sede (2LP)
Dalla Sede (2LP)
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Dalla Sede (2LP)

Otierre feat. La Pina
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It was 1997 and the Otierre, a crew made up of Esa, Polare, Vez and Dj Vigor, together with La Pina published one of the milestones of the first golden period of Italian rap, the album Dalla Sede, which now turns 25.

To celebrate this anniversary Dalla Sede will be reissued on 180gr double vinyl with remastered audio in a Limited and Numbered Edition with only 499 copies available.

The members of OTR (Original Trasmissione del Ritmo) who conceived and produced this album are: Esa, hoarse and super fluid voice, author of most of the lyrics and backing tracks; Polare, second super voice with a clean flow and Esa's fraternal shoulder; La Pina, warm voice and deep lyrics, style to sell! But to give their fundamental contribution to the disc there are also Dj Vigor and Vez. It is a crew full of talent, a real family (Partners for life) full of vitality, capable of weighing every rhyme and harmonizing everything with a unique stylistic code.

The Otierre come from the jam school of the early 90s and compose and produce a fresh and innovative record for Italy and beyond, because this new aroma has a decidedly European flavor, see the collaborations with Soul Boy (original MC from Barbados, raised in London and living in Bologna, not surprisingly also present in the album of Sangue Misto), Toni-L (Advanced Chemistry) from Germany and Rival Capone from Belgium.

Respectane l aroma was the official single, which at the time entered radio rotation on more than one station: a song that, listened to again today, does not seem aged at all. But on the record there are also other strong pieces such as Finaallafinefininfondo, with the scratches of Dj Gruff, Play your position, with an absolutely international shot, and Ce N è, a hit with an epochal video in which many exponents appear historians of the Italian hip hop scene.

DALLA SEDE is a record that made history and that elected Esa as one of the strongest Italian rappers of the decade!


A1. La "O", La "T", La "R"
A2. Ce N'E'
A3. Extrapolare

B1. Anothasounwantess (feat. Solo Bee)
B2. Chiedo Permesso
B3. Pura Algebra

C1. Secodo Me
C2. Ha-Ha!! (feat. Toni L.)
C3. Soci Per La Vita

D1. Rispettane L' Aroma (Radio Edit)
D2. Play Your Position (feat. Rival Capone)
D3. Finallafinefininfondo (DB Crew Remix)