Esperanto (LP)

Esperanto (LP)

Ryuichi Sakamoto
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A masterpiece of electronic work from Ryuichi Sakamoto – and a record that may well be reaching for the universal language promised in the title! The set's not nearly as pop-oriented as some of Sakamoto's other work from the time – mostly instrumental, and with a spirit that's like some of his best soundtrack material, and maybe a bit like some of the other minimalist work coming from Japan during the period – save for the fact that Sakamoto always brings in a bit more, and has some unusual sonic elements that lurk in the background and make for a nice amount of surprises!


A1. A Wongga Dance Song
A2. The "Dreaming"
A3. A Rain Song
A4. Dolphins
A5. A Human Tube

B1. Adelic Penguins
B2. A Carved Stone
B3. Ulu Watu