Four Tet Remixes (LP)

Four Tet Remixes (LP)

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Usually the only person to remix Madlib records is Madlib. But following the success of MF DOOM & Madlib's album Madvillainy in 2004, our partners in Europe proposed having producers not normally associated with MF or Madlib to remix some of the tracks for Europe-only vinyl releases, and the Four Tet Remixes were born.


1. Meat Grinder (Four Tet Remix)
2. Accordion (Four Tet Remix)
3. Money Folder (Four Tet Remix)
4. Great Day (Four Tet Remix)
5. Rhinestone Cowboy (MF Doom & Four Tet Remix)
6. Meat Grinder (Four Tet Remix Instrumental)
7. Accordion (Four Tet Remix Instrumental)
8. Money Folder (Four Tet Remix Instrumental)
9. Great Day (Four Tet Remix Instrumental)
10. Bonus Beat: Shadows of Tomorrow (Instrumental)