Futuribile (The Life To Come) (LP)

Futuribile (The Life To Come) (LP)

Gianni Safred
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This retro-futuristic Italian classic from the cosmic era is now finally reissued in a double LP edition that will surely bring joy to DJs worldwide. Underrated jazz musician and composer Gianni Safred is one of the great pioneers of Italian electronic music, and had proven his talent in a couple of ultra-rare and highly sought-after library records released by renowned Italian label Music Scene. FUTURIBILE was the second of the batch, composed and recorded in 1978 in his Trieste-based studio, using Minimoog, Polymoog, Arp Odyssey, Arp Omni, Fender Rhodes, Sequencer Roland, Space Echo Roland, and accompanied by a solid drum section. The whole album is crazy, with spooky and mysterious grooves that sounds both modern and danceable. An incredible electronic disco-jazz album, full of deep breaks and beats, along with dope overlapping synths, resulting in minimalistic proto-house tunes. A record that will take you both back in time and forward into the future. These sounds are suitable for space travels, space exploration, experiments, fantastic adventures, future enterprises, interplanetary stories, important achievements, industrial accomplishments of broad implications, modern scientific discoveries, and new industrial events.


A1. The Life To Come
A2. Disco Satellite
A3. Autumn 2001

B1. Disco Propulsion
B2. Robot Party
B3. Last Rain

C1. Supermind
C2. Unexplored World
C3. Electronic Brain

D1. Jazz Computer
D2. Future City Traffic
D3. Machines For Ever