Awakening - 40th Anniversary Edition (2LP)

Awakening - 40th Anniversary Edition (2LP)

Hiroshi Sato
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40th anniversary colored double vinyl set. Disc 1 is the original version. Disc 2 includes special edition tracks such as, “BLUE AND MOODY MUSIC (WENDY’S VERSION)”, and “IT ISN’T EASY” which were remixed by Hiroshi Sato in 2005.


You're My Baby
Blue and Moody Music
Only a Love Affair
Love and Peace
From Me to You
I Can't Wait
It Isn't Easy
Say Goodbye
Blue and Moody Music (Wendy's Version)
Awakening (Off Se)
You're My Baby (Off Vocal)
Blue and Moody Music (Off Vocal)
Only a Love Affair (Off Vocal)
It Isn't Easy (Remixed by Hiroshi Sato, 2005)
From Me to You (Off Vocal)
I Can't Wait (Off Vocal)
It Isn't Easy (Off Vocal)
Say Goodbye (Off Vocal)