Ominira (LP)

Ominira (LP)

Lucas Arruda
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5 years after his last and 3rd album, Lucas Arruda finally presents his long awaited new LP, Ominira. Since the release of his first album on Favorite Recordings (Sambadi / 2013), Lucas Arruda has clearly established himself as one of the most talented contemporary artist and composer from Brazil. His music is filled with fusion style, mixing influences and elements from his Latin musical background, with his genuine admiration for Jazz, Soul, Pop and Funk music.

During these 10 years of collaboration with label honcho Pascal Rioux, Lucas Arruda’ music has always received great supports and feedbacks from international media and tastemakers, each album perfecting the level of composition and production. With Onda Nova (2019), Lucas dived willingly into Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti influences, aiming to capture the true essence of Brazilian Funk and AOR tradition. Now a father and family man, he turned more deeply into his native influences when composing this new beautiful album. Fully composed and produced by Lucas, Ominira also features appearances from friends local musicians and artists such as Italo Vinicius (Drums), Thiago Arruda (guitars), Roger Rocha (sax), or Flavia K and Andre Motta on vocals.

"Ominira is about freedom, art and music. It's also about honoring my ancestors and my musical influences. I delved a little deeper into my African roots, in addition to Brazilian music and rhythms, and my longtime passion for Soul/Funk. After a long production process I feel like I made my best album. So, I present to you OMINIRA, a new chapter in my career. Have a nice trip!"


1. Chant & Dance
2. The Bravest Heart
3. Novos Planos
4. Outras Dimensões
5. Abraço Pro Ed
6. 4:28 Am
7. The Mountain
8. Ominira
9. Projeções