Rebirth Of Detroit Instrumentals (2LP)

Rebirth Of Detroit Instrumentals (2LP)

J Dilla
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Following the success of 2012’s posthumous Rebirth of Detroit CD, the official estate of J Dilla is proud to present Rebirth of Detroit Instrumentals. The new album distills Rebirth of Detroit’s 21 tracks to a lean 12 beats, never before pressed to vinyl, spanning Dilla’s career from Slum Village to Donuts. Containing only carefully sequenced, cherry-picked tracks that span over a decade of work, Rebirth of Detroit Instrumentals serves both as a comprehensive overview of Dilla’s style and as a testament to its profound influence on contemporary producers. The double LP, packaged with entirely new artwork, offers a rare insight into the mind of an artist who has come to define not only Motor City rap but the entirety of hip-hop from the 90’s to today.


A1. Detroit Madness
A2. Big Thangs
A3. Ride With It

B1. Detroit Game
B2. Feel This Shit
B3. City Of Boom

C1. Do It Right
C2. My Victory
C3. Rebirth Is Necessary

D1. Dillatroit
D2. Center Of The Movement
D3. Do It For Dilla Dawg