Ridin' Dirty (CD)

Ridin' Dirty (CD)

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Bun B and Pimp C (R.I.P.) have long been legends in the rap game, deservedly calling themselves Underground Kingz. At a time when Southern Rap had to fight its way for respect, U.G.K kept cranking out albums that would soon solidify them as rap royalty. With Ridin Dirty, their third album, Bun B and Pimp C had reached an apex, making an album that was just an instant classic. It has everything that people have come to expect from Houston rap: candy-painted cars, wood-grained steering wheels, flashy jewelry, late-night odes to lean and weed, passing references to DJ Screw tapes, those warm funk synthesizers that sound like radio oldies.

Produced mainly by Pimp C, Ridin Dirty has impeccable usage of Funk, Soul and Gospel samples. Songs like One Day, Murder, Hi Life and of course the title track all stand out as of their best work. Other tracks like 3 in the Morning - which proves to be one of the albums rawest cuts (with insane bass) or Pinky Ring stand out as the duo at their best.


1 "Intro" (performed by Smoke D)
2 "One Day" (featuring 3-2 & Ronnie Spencer)
3 "Murder"
4 "Pinky Ring"
5 "Diamonds & Wood" (featuring Smoke D)
6 "3 In the Mornin'" (featuring C-Note (of Botany Boyz) & Big Smokin’ Mitch)
7 "Touched" (featuring 3-2)
8 "Fuck My Car"
9 "That's Why I Carry" (featuring N.O. Joe)
10 "Hi-Life"
11 "Good Stuff"
12 "Ridin' Dirty"
13 "Outro" (performed by Pimp C)