Thanatos of Funk - Splatter Vinyl (LP)
Thanatos of Funk - Splatter Vinyl (LP)
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Thanatos of Funk - Splatter Vinyl (LP)

Minoru Fushimi
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Minoru Fushimi, a multi-talented artist, made his mark in the music industry with his groundbreaking album, "Thanatos Of Funk." Originally released in 1985, this remarkable piece of artistry is now being reissued by SIC Records During the album's creation, Fushimi embarked on a unique journey. Balancing his day job as a dedicated high-school teacher, he poured his creative energy into producing and recording the entire album himself. With relentless determination, he pieced together "Thanatos Of Funk" during intense studio sessions, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his musical vision. "Thanatos Of Funk" stands as a testament to Fushimi's ingenious fusion of genres. Electro funk serves as the foundation, complemented by a masterful blend of synths, drum machines, and hip-hop elements. Drawing inspiration from the iconic p-funk style, Fushimi creates an immersive sonic experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with listeners on a profound level. Now, with its reissue, "Thanatos Of Funk" is poised to reach a wider audience, ensuring that Fushimi's musical legacy continues to thrive. Step into the vibrant world of Fushimi's debut album and discover the innovative sounds that have left an indelible mark on the funk genre and beyond. "The Key Lyric and the concept of my "Thanatopsis" is that the life is just like a moment of dim light between two darknesses." - Minoru Fushimi


A1. Thanatopsis
A2. In Praise of Mitochondria
A3. Shinzo-san
A4. It isn't because of Hemoglobin

B1. Hensachi-sama
B2. Foxy Lady
B3. Gal's Blues
B4. Panda Steak
B5. Disco Thesis
B6. Dompan (Private Funk)