The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story (LP)

The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story (LP)

Various Artists
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They Say: “Composite themes and incidental cues for dramatic application”.

We say: Well, it’s definitely dramatic. No wonder this LP was mined by a multitude of 70s and 80s crime shows. Much like Beat Incidental, this true gem includes a raft of enjoyable sub-ten second incidental cues alongside satisfyingly stretched out, hard-knocking sleuth-funk.

The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story is a real library-head’s library album. Both sides are dripping with insidious grooves and dramatic spy-score themes, bursting with heavy guitars, swirling flutes, creeping piano-funk and drum breaks galore. Originally released by KPM in 1975, it’s clear that these library heroes were heavily influenced by the tough funk and street soul sonics emerging from the cutting edge Blaxploitation soundtracks.


A1. Theme For A Hunter
A2. The Hunter (Link 1)
A3. The Hunter (Link 2)
A4. The Hunter (Link 3)
A5. Heavy Lead
A6. Uneasy Silenc
A7. Hideout
A8. Hideout (Shock)
A9. Hideout (Let Down)
A10. Approach
A11. Approach (Shock)
A12. Approach (Sting)
A13. Approach (Exclamation)
A14. Flashing Knives
A15. Solid Pursuit
A16. Flying Squad
A17. Nightwatch

B1. Adventure Storytelling 
B2. Adventure Story (Link 1)
B3. Adventure Story (Link 2)
B4. The Investigator 
B5. Passing Hours Suite
B6. The Set Up
B7. Stake Out 
B8. Knife Edge
B9. Speed Trap
B10. Speed Trap (Link)
B11. Battle
B12. Battle (Link 1)
B13. Battle (Link 2)
B14. Attack
B15. Casing The Joint 
B16. The Foil
B17. Scream
B18. Meanwhile