Visual Impact (LP)

Visual Impact (LP)

Various Artists
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They Say: “Descriptive scores for scenes of visual impact”.

We say: Arguably the single greatest album in KPM history. An ensemble piece of staggeringly heavy works from none other than Brian Bennett, John Scott, Steve Gray, Jim Lawless and Johnny Pearson.

For our immense pleasure, Visual Impact includes the insanely ace “Nuplex” by Brian Bennett, a nagging, sweeping, punchy funk piece that exists in a world of its own. If you don’t know, get to know - the record’s worth getting for this track alone. 

Originally released in 1976 but wonderfully timeless, Visual Impact is a rare example of a library record that’s genuinely great listen from start to finish. Just too good…


A1. Canaveral Scape
A2. Source Of Energy
A3. Sequence Of Events
A4. Nuplex
A5. Low Profile 
A6. Tension and Release 

B1. Keeping Pace
B2. Jaguar
B3. Giant’s Causeway 
B4. Fugitive
B5. Rock Climb
B6. Heavy Load
B7. Flight Of The Phoenix