Vivid Underscores (LP)

Vivid Underscores (LP)

Keith Mansfield
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They Say: “Contemporary scores for visual effect”.

We say: Synth-heavy, low-slung space-funk masterpiece.

This is it. This is THE ONE for us: Keith “The Man” Mansfield’s Vivid Underscores from 1977. A sample freak’s wet dream and one of Be With Rob’s favourite ever KPM records. A must for fans of Brian Bennett’s Voyage (yes, THAT good). And no, we’ve no idea either why it took us this long to get round to tackling this monster of a record. But then again some things are worth waiting for.

With audio from the original analogue tapes remastered for vinyl and artwork restored from archive scans, this is another one ticked off the list of library records that should be out there for anyone who wants a copy.


A1. High Velocity
A2. Crash Course
A3. Crash Course
A4. Crash Course 
A5. Matter Of Urgency
A6. Dawn Of Aquarius
A7. Dawn Of Aquarius
A8. Staying Power

B1. Trucking Company
B2. Trucking Company (a)
B3. Trucking Company (b)
B4. Trucking Company (c)
B5. Hot Cargo
B6. Espionage
B7. Interplay
B8. Omen
B9. Perpetual Motion