14K Figaro (2LP)

14K Figaro (2LP)

Wiki & Tony Seltzer
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Wiki’s new album, 14K Figaro, arrives after a slew of collaborative projects released alongside the likes of The Alchemist and MIKE, Navy Blue, Subjxct5, and NAH. As much as it represents a return to his solo platform, it’s also a return to the ethos he initially embraced years ago, when he was a gap-toothed latchkey kid balancing graduation with looming legend.

The album is produced entirely by Tony Seltzer, a longtime collaborator who helped soundtrack his earliest efforts — including No Mountains in Manhattan, his 2017 debut album for XL Recordings, and Oofie, its potent 2019 follow-up. Features include the World’s Fair MC Remy Banks, the Bruiser Brigade spitter Zelooperz, and the prolific D.C. native WifiGawd. More than ever, Wiki stands as an anchor between past and future — for New York, for hip-hop, and for himself.

Four bonus unreleased tracks are included on the 2LP vinyl, exclusive to this physical format, with guest features from Papo2oo4, and SPRTY K.


1. Triple Figaro
2. Turkish Gold
3. Rl (Feat. Wifigawd)
4. Purity
5. Scenic Route (Feat. Remy Banks)
6. Numb
7. Fried Ice Cream (Feat. Zelooperz)
8. Lilypad
9. That Aint Pat
10. Bubba

1. Golden Child
2. The Enterprise
3. Weed Song
4. New Religion
5. S
6. Dodging Losses (Feat. Papo2oo4)
7. Birds
8. Flopped On the Flip (Feat. Sprty K)