187 He Wrote (CD)

187 He Wrote (CD)

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A solid follow up to The Orginal East Bay Gangsta's self-titled debut with production from E-A-Ski, Ant Banks, Too $hort, Prodeje of SCC and some funky live guitar licks from DJ Quik collaborator Rob "Fonksta" Bacon. 


1. I'm The Fuckin' Murderer
2. Dumpin' Em In Ditches
3. Gas Chamber
4. 187 He Wrote
5. Don't Ring The Alarm (The Heist) feat BOSS
6. Clip & The Trigga
7. Smoke 'Em Like A Blunt
8. The Murda Show feat MC Eiht
9. 380 On That Ass
10. Mo' Mail
11. Runnin' Out Da Crackhouse
12. Trigga Gots No Heart
13. Trigga Happy
14. RIP
15. All He Wrote