A Friend Of Ours (CD)

A Friend Of Ours (CD)

Benny The Butcher
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Following his debut Butcher On Steroids through Griselda Records, Benny brings some of the usual suspects with him for this classic album from 2018. Guest features include 38 Spesh, El Camino, Dark Lo, Skyzoo and Dufflebag Hottie. Production comes from Rick Hyde, Chup, DJ Shay, and Marc Spano.

Benny keeps in line with his Mafia inspirations by using cover art from The Sopranos, as well as the 1997 film Donnie Brasco as the source of the album title and opening skit.

This is another sure shot project from the king of Upstate NY!

Mob Ties Ft. 38 Spesh (Prod. Rick Hyde)
India Ft. ElCamino (Prod. Chup)
Johnny Balconi (Skit)
Long Way Ft. ElCamino (Prod. DJ Shay)
03’ Draft Ft. Dark Lo (Prod. Chup)
Made in America Ft. Dufflebag Hottie & ElCamino (Prod. Marc Spano)
The Hunter 2 Ft. Skyzoo (Prod. Rick Hyde)
Mandu (Skit)
A Lot Ft. Dufflebag Hottie & ElCamino (Prod. DJ Shay)
Jackpot Ft. ElCamino (Prod. DJ Shay)