A Little Bit Of Somethin’ (2LP)

A Little Bit Of Somethin’ (2LP)

Tommy Guerrero
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A Little Bit Of Somethin’ is a quietly majestic gem. Brimming with Guerrero’s horizontal “loose grooves”, these brief but innovative instrumentals demonstrate a rich variety and, as such, comprise an LP that is aptly titled. An enchanting start-to-finish listen, it was instantly regarded as essential upon release via Mo Wax in 2000. It has aged remarkably well.

This fresh limited edition has been remastered, cut on to heavyweight double vinyl and is presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket.


A1. Blue Masses
A2. Four Trk Samba
A3. Tiny
A4. Numb Millenium

B1. 100 Years
B2. Pescadito
B3. Azucar

C1. Flux And Meter
C2. It's Raining Again
C3. Today Like Everyday
C4. Soul Miner

D1. As The Sea Hold Creatures Vast And True
D2. So Blue It's Black
D3. Little Chin