Bitch Betta Have My Money (2LP)

Bitch Betta Have My Money (2LP)

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AMG (whom The Source called “more foulmouthed than a late 70’s Richard Pryor concert film”), was a part of Courtney Branch and Tracy Kendrick's Total Trak Production crew which developed DJ Quik, 2nd II None, Sylk Smoov, Hi-C and Boss. He made his first appearances on DJ Quik's debut album Quik is The Name. In December of 1991, AMG released his self-produced debut solo album Bitch Betta Have My Money with the platinum selling lead single of the same name. This reissue has this west coast 90s classic on vinyl for the first time since its release in 1991, on double vinyl.


A1. The Vertical Joyride
A2. Word 2 Tha D
A3. I Wanna Be Yo Ho
A4. When She Calls
A5. Once A Dawg (Janine 2)
A6. Jiggable Pie

B1. P-Funk
B2. Mai Sista Izza Bitch
B3. La Queeda
B4. Vertical Interlude
B5. Bitch Betta Have My Money
B6. Lik 'Em Low Lover
B7. Sylk's Cellular
B8. Nu Exasize

C1. Backseat Queenz
C2. Givva Dogga Bone
C3. Yo Momma Told Me...
C4. Trunk O' Funk

D1. Tha Booty Up
D2. My Ho, My Kids
D3. D. Control
D4. I Wanna Be Yo Ho Remix *Previously a CD Only bonus track