Aquemini (CD)

Aquemini (CD)

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Twenty-five years ago Big Boi (Aquarius) and Andre 3000 (Gemini) released their 3rd studio album Aquemini on September 29, 1998. The group evolved from the space age minimalist production of ATLiens and incorporated live instrumentation drawing on 1970s funk, southern soul, gospel, country, psychedelic rock, and other influences. Loved by critics and fans, Aquemini is regarded as one of the best Hip-Hop albums of the 90s and would go on to sell over 2 million copies.


Certainly! Here is the renumbered list starting from 1:

1. Hold on, Be Strong
2. Return of the 'G'
3. Rosa Parks
4. Skew It on the Bar-B
5. Aquemini
6. Synthesizer
7. Slump
8. West Savannah
9. Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 1)
10. Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 2)
11. Mamacita
12. Spottieottiedopaliscious
13. Y'all Scared
14. Nathaniel
15. Liberation
16. Chonkyfire