Background Action (LP)

Background Action (LP)

Sammy Burdson
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One of two Be With forays into the archives of revered British library institution Conroy, we present Background Action from Sammy Burdson - C-L-A-S-S-I-C library breaks and beats set of super-heavyweight espionage-funk - originally released in 1975.

Sammy Burdson was one of the many, many aliases of the mighty Austrian composer, arranger and conductor, Gerhard Narholz. Founder of adored library label Sonoton in 1965, and a classically trained composer, his work runs from easy listening through pop, jazz and electronic, to avant-garde.

This re-issue of Background Action has been mastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis from audio from the original tapes. Richard Robinson has handled reproducing the iconic, hypnotic original Conroy sleeve. Essential.


A1. Speed Unlimited A
A2. Speed Unlimited B
A3. Speed Unlimited C
A4. Hurricane Wheels A
A5. Hurricane Wheels B
A6. Hurricane Wheels C
A7. Hurricane Wheels D
A8. Hurricane Wheels E
A9. Hurricane Wheels F
A10. Hurricane Wheels G
A11. Route Africaine A
A12. Route Africaine B
A13. Route Africaine C

B1. Kabul Trip A
B2. Kabul Trip B
B3. Kabul Trip C
B4. Kabul Trip D
B5. Water Pollution A
B6. Water Pollution B
B7. Water Pollution C
B8. Centurion A
B9. Centurion B
B10. Centurion C
B11. Gladiators
B12. News Background A
B13. News Background B