The Color Blu(e) (2LP)

The Color Blu(e) (2LP)

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Acclaimed L.A. rapper Blu has left an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape. Now, the gifted lyricist is back with The Color Blu(e), the latest addition to his impressive catalog. Among Blu’s most conceptual albums to date, The Color Blu(e) is an artistic thesis statement, celebrating and reflecting on a remarkable creative journey. The word “Blu(e)” is featured in every song title, and “Blue” is also weaved into each of the album’s soundscapes. While he typically works with a single producer on each project, this time Blu embraced a diverse sonic texture, with SirplusJ57, and longtime collaborator Exile all contributing beats. An unapologetically personal collection with no features, The Color Blu(e) is packed with intricate wordplay and dynamic production, reaffirming the unique talent of the artist known as Blu.


1. I Am Blu(e)
2. Everyday Blu(e)s
3. People Call Me Blu(e)
4. Because The Sky Is Blu(e)
5. You Ain’t Never Been Blu(e)
6. I Was Born To Be Blu(e)
7. Blu(e)r Than Blu(e)
8. We Are Darker Than Blu(e)
9. Mr. Blu(e) Sky
10. Mr. Blu(e)
11. Blu(e) World

7″ Flexi
A1. Blu(e)s On My Mind