Born To Mack (LP)

Born To Mack (LP)

Too $hort
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Originally released on July, 20th 1987 on Dangerous Music, Born To Mack was Too $hort's 4th studio album and re-released as his first major label release in 1988 on Jive Records. Out of print on vinyl since 2015, this West Coast classic contains the 9+ minute track "Freaky Tales" which Snoop Dogg would state was highly influential in his early days and covered the song in 1997 for the hip-hop covers compilation In Tha Beginning. Too $hort is regarded as one of the pioneers of West Coast Hip-Hop and had a street, "Too $hort Way," in Oakland dedicated to him in December of 2022. Too $hort continues to make music and plays West Coast classics and upcoming artist's on his Rock The Bells radio show Don't Stop Rappin and is a member of West Coast Pioneers super group Mount Westmore. Don't sleep and rattle your speakers spinnin' the Dope Fiend Beat....Biiiiiiiatch!


A1. Partytime
A2. Little Girls
A3. The Mix
A4. You Know What I Mean

B1. Freaky Tales
B2. Dope Fiend Beat
B3. Playboy Short II