Elcamino 3 (LP)

Elcamino 3 (LP)

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In the last five years ElCamino has gone from up-n-coming Griselda affiliate to fan-favorite B$F member. He released two volumes of his self-titled album series in that time and left heads eagerly awaiting the third instalment. Then, last summer he served up "Elcamino 3" and showed what he was really capable of. The acclaimed album features production by Harry Fraud, Camouflage Monk, CeeGee, and guest spots from 38 Spesh, Jay Worthy, A$AP Ant, and more.


A1. Block Work ft. A$AP Ant (prod. by CeeGee)
A2. Money In The Mattress ft. 38 Spesh (prod. by Harry Fraud)
A3. Trench Bap ft. Loveboat Luciano (prod. by Toney Boi)
A4. New Hope ft. Jay Worthy (prod. by Harry Fraud)
A5. Target (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)

B1. Envy ft. King Ralph (prod. by Chris Ruben)
B2. Sex & Murder ft. Delle (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
B3. Ghost Dini (prod. by Boodeini)
B4. Soul Brother (prod. by Toney Boi)