Ethio Jazz (LP)

Ethio Jazz (LP)

Mulatu Astatke
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The work of the founder Mulatu Astatke, who studied jazz and other music in both the United Kingdom and the United States and created a completely new sound “Ethiopian Jazz” by fusing with the music of his homeland Ethiopia, is reprinted in the 20s! If you want to listen to Mulatu, this is the first! The most important album in the history of Ethio jazz, making it a masterpiece of Mulatu’s career! This work, released by Amha Records in Ethiopia in 1974 after returning from the United States, is called “Ethiopia Jazz”. It is a masterpiece that continues to shine as a milestone not only in Mulatu’s career but also in the history of contemporary Ethiopian music. Ethnic nostalgia of melody the tube is playing, thick produce a swell polyrhythmic rhythm section, bewitching Vie smoky rose and organ in Burafon and of modal jazz of the United States inheritance that wraps the full-length sound … it’s miraculous balance, This work, which is fused with, is unquestionably a masterpiece that reigns at the pinnacle of Ethiol jazz, and is an ambitious work that still shows Murat’s ingenuity to get a new sound. Every time I listen to it, I’m thrilled by its mysterious coolness. “Yekermo Sew” and “Gubelye”, which were used as songs in the play of “Broken Flowers” and attracted a lot of attention, are also irresistible!


A1. Dewol
A2. Yekermo Saw
A3. Gubelye
A4. Asmarina
A5. Yetatit

B1. Netsanet
B2. Tezetaye Anchie Lidge
B3. Sabye
B4. Ene Alanchie Alnorem