Funk Your Head Up (2LP)
Funk Your Head Up (2LP)
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Funk Your Head Up (2LP)

Ultramagnetic MC's
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Ultramagnetic Mc's is composed of TR 'Funky' Luv, Dj Moe Luv on the one and two's, Kool Keith, producer Ced Gee and occasionally Tim Dog. Their second studio album Funk your Head Up was released in 1992, representing the foundation of Hip-Hop. Culled of the album are singles "Poppa Large" and "Make It Happen" plus tracks by Kool Keith's "Pluckin' Cards", "Dolly And The Rat Trap”, the diss track "You Ain't Real" about rapper Freddie Fox, skits, mad beats, and outlandish lyricism.

Funk Your Head Up was originally only available as a 1LP but is now available as a 2LP-set for the first time.


A1. Introduction To The Funk
A2. Intro
A3. MC Champion
A4. Go 4 Yourz
A5. Blast From The Past
A6. Funk Radio
A7. Message From The Boss

B1. Pluckin Cards
B2. Intermission
B3. Stop Jockin Me
B4. Dolly And The Rat Trap
B5. The Old School
B6. Bust The Facts

C1. Murder And Homicide
C2. You Ain’t Real
C3. Make It Happen
C4. I Like Your Style
C5. Bi Lingual Teaching
C6. Poppa Large

D1. Moe Love On The 1 And 2
D2. Porno Star
D3. The P.M.R.C. ID
D4. Chorus Line Part