Hazardous (LP)

Hazardous (LP)

Godfather Don
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Hazardous is the debut album of New York independent MC and producer Godfather Don, and was originally released in 1991 on Select Records. Don went on to achieve legendary status due to his extensive solo material and collaborative work with Kool Keith, Screwball and UltraMagnetic MCs, but was relatively unknown at the time this dropped. Entirely produced by GFD himself, the album has been long sought after as a collector’s item.

This limited issue single-LP version give fans a chance to own this album, which has aged well over the years as a fine example of New York/East coast rap styles from the era.


A1. Just Begun
A2. Losers
A3. On And On
A4. Read The Lines
A5. Hazardous
A6. Full Circle

B1. Sleepin' With The Enemy
B2. Keep Sweatin'
B3. Homicide
B4. Involuntary Excellence
B5. Hellofasong
B6. Black Time