Igor (LP)

Igor (LP)

Tyler, The Creator
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Following Tyler, the Creator’s metamorphosis from a cockroach-vomiting goblin to a flowering, introspective songwriter has been one of the decade’s true treats. With each record, Tyler has become more focused, honing his production skills and discovering that the art of crafting albums is more rewarding than shock value and banger clout. This growth culminated in 2017’s Flower Boy, an album many believed to be a career-defining effort filled with lush orchestrations and intimate examinations of loneliness and sexuality. Flower Boy offered Tyler an open door to a better present where he could live his best life. However, as Tyler chronicles on his 2019 masterpiece, IGOR, the present isn’t always paradise, and love is more complicated than our daydream idealizations. (consequenceofsound.net)


A1. Igor's Theme
A2. Earfquake
A3. I Think
A4. Exactly What You Run From You End Up Chasing
A5. Running Out Of Time
A6. New Magic Wand

B1. A Boy Is A Gun
B2. Puppet
B3. What's Good
B4. Gone, Gone / Thank You
B5. I Don't Love You Anymore
B6. Are We Still Friends?