In A Major Way (CD)

In A Major Way (CD)

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E-40's platinum selling second studio album full of that Yay area slang was released in 1995.

"Marinatin on the corner with a chip in his phone
You can tell that the hillside was his home
Mo' scratch than the rest of the pushers
Cause he got a chop suey in the bushes"


1. Intro
2. Chip In Da Phone
3. Da Bumble
4. Sideways (feat. B-Legit & Mac Shawn)
5. Spittin'
6. Sprinkle Me (feat. Suga T)
7. Outta Bounds
8. Dusted n' Disgusted (feat. 2Pac, Mac Mall & Spice 1)
9. 1-Luv (feat. Levitti)
10. Smoke n' Drank
11. Dey Ain't No
12. Fed (feat. Suga T)
13. H.I. Double L.
14. Bootsee
15. It's All Bad (feat. Earl Stevens, Jr.)
16. Outro