Itinierario Beat (LP)
Itinierario Beat (LP)
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Itinierario Beat (LP)

Rigol / The Blue Sharks
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“Itinerario Beat” by Rigol / The Blue Sharks is an exclusive release by Redi Edizioni Musicali, an historical company from Milan that, in addition to curating the digital catalogue of Edizioni Leonardi’s library music and sonorizzazioni, is also re-printing faithful vinyl reproductions of the most prestigious titles from Leonardi’s catalogue. These records were originally released in very limited editions, often as not-for-sale promotional material, and many of the original LP’s are now very rare and collectibles almost impossible to find!

“Itinerario Beat” is as intriguing as it is mysterious: played by a group of unknown musicians called The Blue Sharks, that we already witnessed in the excellent “It Became Crystal” (reissues by Redi Edizioni in 2021, Cat. No. REDILP001), consists of ten easy-listening instrumental compositions for bass, drums, piano and hammond, arranged and played with a unique taste, including beat, jazz-funk and symphonic pop elements. Officially, the music was written by Rigol, pseudonym of composer Duilio Radici, but it looks like there’s a second uncredited contribution here by Ugo Fusco, author of several soundtrack LP’s published by Edizioni Leonardi.

In addition to being used in television and movie contexts, library music tracks are also sought after by famous musicians and DJ’s and subject to sound sampling: this is the case of “Itinerario romantico”, included in this LP, which was sampled by rapper Travis Scott in the 2016 song “90210”!


A1. Uno Dei Due
A2. Sembrava Sincera
A3. Il Mago
A4. Il Campione
A5. Itinerario Romantico.

B1. L'Ascensore
B2. Strane Vacanze
B3. Viaggo A Londra
B4. Quartiere Residenziale
B5. La Baita28