Cosmos Giants (LP)

Cosmos Giants (LP)

Janko Nilovic, JJ Whitefield, Igor Zhukovsky
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Broc Recordz is thrilled to announce the imminent release of our latest album, Cosmos Giants! This cosmic fusion is the result of an epic collaboration between maestro Janko Nilovic, JJ Whitefield of the Poets of Rhythm, and Igor Zhukovsky of the Soul Surfers. Together, they've crafted a musical universe where genre boundaries blur, giving way to a transcendent sonic experience. Immerse yourself in a musical journey where funk, psyche, and soul intertwine to create something truly magical!


Side A:

1. Starfall
2. Full Metal
3. Really Hot
4. Inner Space
5. Smooth Sailing
6. Lost Temple
7. Night Drums

Side B:

1. (Wind From) Mount Everest
2. Location
3. North Star
4. Etheor
5. Stuck In The Void
6. Through The Fingers