Labor Days (2LP)

Labor Days (2LP)

Aesop Rock
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Double vinyl reissue of New York-born, San Francisco-based rapper and producer, Aesop Rock's third full-length studio album, Labor Days, on the artist's own Block Block Chop label. Originally released in 2001 on Definitive Jux, the 14-track set is regarded as Aesop Rock's definitive collection, featuring production work from Blockhead and Omega One and guest appearances from the likes of Illogic and C-Rayz-Walz.

"Aesop Rock is one of those MCs who have stumbled upon a blindingly intelligent solution to this state of affairs: he's ignored all of that baggage and made a record that's mostly about something. That something is work. Labor - effort in its broadest sense - is a topic he treats sometimes pedantically but often more thought-provokingly than not only the bulk of hip-hop, but the bulk of any genre. It helps that Labor Days is as terrific a record as anyone could ask for, really, and you should buy it..." -  Nitsuh Abebe, Pitchfork

"Aesop Rock, an MC who spins an enigmatic web of words like some sort of high-strung, whacked-out prophet, makes a striking mark with Labor Days. It’s his “memoir in several dimensions,” a complex, head-spinning journey through the universes that lie within his brain." - Dave Heaton, Popmatters


A1. Labor
A2. Daylight
A3. Save Yourself
A4. Flashflood

B1. No Regrets
B2. One Brick (feat. Illogic)
B3. Tugboat Complex Pt. 3
B4. Coma

C1. Battery
C2. Boombox
C3. Bent Life (feat. C-Rayz-Wallz)

D1. The Yes And The Y'all
D2. 9-5ers Anthem
D3. Shovel