Little Robert Hutton (LP)
Little Robert Hutton (LP)
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Little Robert Hutton (LP)

Curly Castro
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Curly Castro’s album Little Robert Hutton is a paen to the radical imagination. Over the course fourteen songs, the Bajan-American artist fuses his vivid wordplay with a historical continuum of black revolutionary thought and the result is an AfroFuturist vision in 3-D IMAX. This is Castro’s rawest and most uncompromising work, the heat from a thousand ghetto uprisings smoldering in every bar. Lyrical gymnastics take a backseat to the power of the word and the concussive energy of the beats. Little Robert Hutton is hard in every sense of the word, speaker rattling banger after banger. That production is handled by Quelle Chris, Messiah Musik, Blueprint, August Fanon, Locust, DOS4GW and Jason Griff. The album also features guest appearances from Breezly Brewin, Mr. Lif, PremRock, billy woods, Zilla Rocca, Marcus Pinn, ALASKA, SKECH185, Candice Murray and Margel the Sophant

The Blacker the Berry, the Blacker the Blood.
The Blacker the Truth, the Blacker the Panther,
The Blacker the Retribution.
- Curly Castro



AAVE & Saltfish ft. Margel the Sophant + Candice Murray
Kill Her Priest ft. ShrapKnel
Weapon 13X ft. Breeze Brewin
Black August in IIII parts
F Stands for Hampton ft. Defcee, Jyroscope, Alex Ludovico + SKECH185
Bleek Shadows


Dah Switchness
Killmonger was Right ft. billy woods + Mr. Lif
FreeHuey Fitteds ft. Zilla Rocca + PremRock
Raynathan and Romello
Khujo Taught Me
Caporeira Recall
Owens ft. ALASKA, SKECH185 + Marcus Pinn