Los Grandes Exitos En Español (LP)

Los Grandes Exitos En Español (LP)

Cypress Hill
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Los Grandes Éxitos en Español is a greatest-hits album in Spanish by Cypress Hill. It was certified Platinum by the RIAA. With exception of the last track, which was previously unreleased, together with "Latin Lingo," and "Tres Equis" which appeared on Cypress Hill, the album features old songs with new Spanish lyrics.


A1. Yo Quiero Fumar (I Wanna Get High)
A2. Loco En El Coco (Insane In The Brain)
A3. No Entiendes La Onda (How I Could Just Kill A Man)
A4. Dr. Dedoverde (Dr. Greenthumb)
A5. Latino Lingo (Latin Lingo)
A6. Puercos (Pigs)

B1. Marijuano Locos (Stoned Raiders)
B2. Tú No Ajaunta (Checkmate)
B3. Ilusiones (Illusions)
B4. Muévete (Make A Move)
B5. No Pierdo Nada (Nothin' To Lose)
B6. Tequila (Tequila Sunrise)
B7. Tres Equis
B8. Siempre Peligroso (Ft. Fermin Iv Caballero Of Control Machete)