Macaroni Ray (LP)

Macaroni Ray (LP)

Ray West
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Features BLU , Kool Keith , KoreaTown Oddity , AG & OC of DItc , breeze brewin , Defcee , Milano , Smoovth & more


We Keep It Pushing - The God Kadi Amin 
Struggle - AG of D.I.T.C.
Thief - Blu,Smoovth & Giallo Point 
4 corners - Milano Constantine, Nelson Dialect, AG of D.I.T.C.
GD Representative Interlude with Blackface Dawud
Is He Real? - Kool Keith & KoreaTown Oddity
Spin Around - Interlude with Kool Keith 
Best Under Pressure - Lord Tariq
Dream Part 2 - Interlude with OC of D.I.T.C.
Images - Party Arty, Abdul Jabar & OC of D.I.T.C.
Summer Prelude - The God Kadi Amin 
Summer Vibes - Blu, Breeze Brewin, Playa Haze & Nelson Dialect 
Free Education - Defcee & Zilla Rocca
Sight To The Blind - AG of D.I.T.C.
Continue To Rock - The God Kadi Amin 
Got The Flow - Kool Keith & KoreaTown Oddity