Metal Lung (LP)
Metal Lung (LP)
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Metal Lung (LP)

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An alloy is a mixture of chemical agents which forms a new substance that retains the characteristics of a metal. The mechanical properties of alloys often differ significantly from those of its individual constituents. It has been more than two years since ShrapKnel’s debut album, during which time the duo of Curly Castro and PremRock have individually released successful solo albums with Backwoodz Studioz. Fittingly, these two albums were nothing alike; Castro’s incendiary Little Robert Hutton is an high octane soundclash, a stark contrast to the knotty intimacy of PremRock’s Load Bearing Crow’s Feet. A new ShrapKnel album means a return to foundry and forge, the alchemy of turning two into one. Carbon and Iron make steel, rest assured, there will be no sophomore slump. Metal Lung is the evidence. The bulk of the production is provided by Steel Tipped Dove, who has worked with Nosaj, billy woods, SHIRT, R.A.P. Ferreira and just put out an incredible album of his own on Backwoodz last year (Call Me When You’re Outside). Additional production comes from Child Actor (ELUCID, Serengeti, Armand Hammer) & Olof Melander (Moor Mother, Project Mooncircle). Mixed and mastered by the incomparable Willie Green.


A1. Running Rebel Swordplay
A2. Damn, Alice! (feat. Fakts One)
A3. Metal Sum Kids (feat. Rob Sonic)
A4. Acid Vignette (feat. Donovan Days & The Binary Marketing Show)
A5. Mescalito (feat. Billy Woods)
A6. Obol (feat. Ethel Cee)
A7. Night of the Living Analogue

B1. Cold Burn
B2. A Tribe All Stressed
B3. Lazy Dog
B4. Suicide, King
B5. Ghost Kitchen
B6. Gravity Falls