Mt. Marci Instrumentals (2LP)

Mt. Marci Instrumentals (2LP)

Roc Marciano
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Marci Enterprises LLC in partnership with Fat Beats are pleased to release the instrumental version of Roc Marciano’s eighth studio LP, Mt. Marci. The album is in conjunction with Josue Thomas of The Gallery Dept, and is a must have for the Roc Marci aficionado. This is Art That Kills.


Intro - Allegories (Instrumental)
Downtown ’81 (Instrumental)
Covid Cough (Instrumental)
Wheat 40’s (Instrumental)
Spirit Cookin (feat. Action Bronson) (Instrumental)
Pimps Don’t Wear Rabbits (Instrumental)
Butterfly Effect (Instrumental)
The Eye of Whorus (feat. Stove God Cooks) (Instrumental)
Steel Vagina (Instrumental)
Broadway Billy (feat. Kool Keith) (Instrumental)
Baby Powder (Instrumental)
Trenchcoat Wars (Instrumental)
Wicked Days (feat. Trent Truce) (Instrumental)
Garbage Pal Kids (Instrumental)
Crockett n Tubbs (Instrumental)
Mt. Marci (Instrumental)