My Last Album (LP)

My Last Album (LP)

Barton Think
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For months now, Time Is The Enemy has been on the trail of enigmatic artist Barton Think. Apparently he has been around the music business for decades, but oddly enough, he has left only a few traces of his presence. Like a skilled alchemist, Barton Think combines soulful beats and jazzy downtempo into a unique sound that takes those genres into bold new territories.


1. Dreamin' (Intro)
2. Beautiful Place Feat. Colonel Red Dynamite MC
3. In The Dark (Winter) Feat. Denitia
4. Everything I Need Feat. Dynamite MC
5. Umatilla
6. Voices Feat. Colonel Red
7. The Big Thing (Interlude)
8. Inuit Sunset Feat. Monk
9. I Can't See
10. Human Family - Maya Angelou Tribute
11. Grey And Green
12. You (Rework) Feat. Christopher Ghidoni
13. Another Soft Message (Outro) Feat. Krystal Hardwick