My Will (LP)

My Will (LP)

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Originally released on June 3rd, 1997, Coalmine Reissues in partnership with 420 Music is pleased to announce this first ever reissue of Teflon’s debut LP, My Will

As a member of M.O.P.’s First Family, Teflon first made his bones in the late ’90s New York rap scene where he was first heard on M.O.P’s sophomore offering, Firing Squad. The following year, Teflon would go onto release his long awaited debut LP. The 10 track LP allowed for fans to further discover the artistic range of the gruff-voiced lyricist hailing from Brownsville.

My Will is a promising first effort that preceded the Brooklyn rapper’s buzz, which would reach its pinnacle in 2000 for his appearance on M.O.P's "Ante Up (Remix)” alongside Busta Rhymes and then fledgling star, Remy Ma.

This reissue boasts a few enhancements from the original pressing, which includes matte finished jackets equipped with an artwork overhaul that features an updated rear cover, along with a Coalmine-inspired flip of the original center labels designed by Frank ‘DJ Concept’ DeMaria.


Side A:

01. Gotta Get Ova (feat. La shona Midleton) [prod. by Big Jaz]
02. ShIt Happens [prod. by Bigas Gord]
03. My Will [prod. by M.O.P.]
04. Get Mine (feat. La Shonda Middleton) [co-prod. by Nesto & Laze]
05. Rawness (feat. M.O.P.) [prod. by M.O.P.]

Side B:

06. Rise Up [prod. by Dave “DT” Tillman]
07. Nigga Whut (feat. M.O.P.) [prod. by M.O.P.]
08. My Planet (feat. M.O.P.) [prod. by M.O.P.]
09. Game of Life [prod. by Uni]
10. Off The Hook [co-prod. by Laze & Free Smith]