Ways Of Knowing (LP)

Ways Of Knowing (LP)

Navy Blue
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The Los Angeles rapper and skateboarder, legal name Sage Elsesser, released his seventh album Ways of Knowing, executive produced by Budgie. Across 13 tracks, guest appearances include the aforementioned producer, Zeroh, Kelly Moonstone, Liv.e and Venna. Along with Budgie, production credits on Ways of Knowing feature Om’Mas Keith, Yaffra, Drew Banga, and Elsesser himself.

On Sage Elsesser’s Def Jam debut, smooth gospel samples set the tone for a worshipful exploration of the ancestral wisdom that guides his present.

Over the course of 13 tracks, the record traverses a sonic and emotional spectrum, exploring everything from moments of insecurity to infatuation and introspection. Ways of Knowing, showcases Navy Blue's adroit lyricism and eloquent songcraft above immersive, throwback soulful beatcraft.


A1. The Medium
A2. Chosen
A3. The One
A4. To Fall in Love
A5. Life's Terms
A6. Phases
A7. Kill Switch

B1. Window to the Soul
B2. Freehold
B3. Embers
B4. Pillars
B5. Look in My Eyes
B6. Shadow's Shield