No Love Deep Web (LP)

No Love Deep Web (LP)

Death Grips
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For some reason Death Grips makes sense, especially with No Love Deep Web. The trio of MC Ride and production team Zach Hill & Andy Morin completely distilled their sound into complete aggression and bass. And they got kicked off of their major label in the process. It's like a marriage of hardcore and hip hop that only a place like Sacramento could give birth to.

The sound of the album is electronic and bass heavy, but Ride's lyrics verge on abstract. Somehow Hill played all of the drum parts live, no programming. It's just crazy, madness. Some people may tell you it's revolutionary, what Death Grips is doing. Whatever the case though, if you're looking at this you don't need me to tell you what to do. Limited press, not gonna be around for long.


A1. Come Up And Get Me
A2. Lil Boy
A3. No Love
A4. Black Dice
A5. World Of Dogs
A6. Lock Your Doors

B1. Whammy
B2. Hunger Games
B3. Deep Web
B4. Stockton
B5. Pop
B6. Artificial Death In The West
B7. Bass Rattle Stars Out The Sky