Non Si Deve Profanare Il Sonno Dei Morti (7")

Non Si Deve Profanare Il Sonno Dei Morti (7")

Giuliano Sorgini
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FLIES 45-25


Four Flies is proud to present the first Italian 7-inch release of NON SI DEVE PROFANARE IL SONNO DEI MORTI (also known as "The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue" and "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie"), the soundtrack that gave Giuliano Sorgini eternal and worldwide fame as an occult composer, one who, being perfectly at ease with a certain type of Italian horror cult films, has gradually come to represent the quintessence of frightening Italian film music.

Side A features the soundtrack’s main theme, “John Dalton Street”, a psychedelic-zombie funk number with infectious drums and an
exquisite orchestral interplay between lush strings, psychedelic flute, and a funk-inspired rhythm section. At once modern in conception and rhythmically dark and obsessive, it is exactly what you would expect from 1974 Sorgini (i.e., the same composer who, at the time, was writing stuff like "Zoo Folle" and "Africa Oscura"). The same theme is reprised in the version titled “Manchester M2 6LD” on Side B.

This 7'' edition comes in an exclusive cover reproducing the original, terrifying film poster by painter Sandro Symeoni, a close friend of
Sorgini's -- the same Symeoni who, a few years before, drew the iconic "Under Pompelmo" album cover. 


A1. John Dalton Street
B1. Manchester M2 6LD