Pulp Phixion (CD)

Pulp Phixion (CD)

Ill Bill & Sunday
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"Pulp Phixion" is a brand new collaboration project by legendary Brooklyn MC ILL BILL with producer SUNDAY aka Thriller Machine of Italian hardcore hip-hop powerhouse DSA Commando. The two have got together to shape this incredible 4 tracks EP featuring guest appearances by Vinnie Paz, Sick Jacken, D.V. Alias Khryst and the first appearance of Lord Goat formerly known as Goretex

Artwork by SCARFUL.


1. Warlord feat. D.V. Alias Khryst
2. Axe of Abraxas feat. Lord Goat & Sick Jacken
3. Debbie Abono feat. Vinnie Paz
4. Shoot First, Die Later feat. Lord Goat
5. Warlord (Instrumental)
6. Axe of Abraxas (Instrumental)
7. Debbie Abono (Instrumental) 
8. Shoot First, Die Later (Instrumental)


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