Skilled Trade (LP)
Skilled Trade (LP)
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Skilled Trade (LP)

Apollo Brown
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This is Apollo Brown's very first beat collection put together in 2007 a few years before winning the Red Bull Big Tune Championship in Detroit and then signing to Mello Music Group. The collection has been such a popular record around the Mello Music Group office for the past few years that we decided to make it available to everyone for a one time pressing on vinyl. Over 30 tracks from Apollo Brown. Pressed on Gold and Cream Splatter color vinyl.


1. Intro (Work) 02:39
2. Migrate 02:04
3. Substance 01:50
4. Hold Me Down 02:00
5. Down There 02:11
6. We Almost Lost Detroit 01:54
7. My Spine 02:15
8. Way Back 02:05
9. Legend 01:49
10. Spoiled Coffe 01:38
11. The Turning Key 01:49
12. What You Need 02:07
13. Ninety-Two (Gone) 01:49
14. Without Jan (Mom) 01:44
15. Can It Be 01:50
16. Invisible 01:39
17. My Establishment 01:53
18. Press Ya Luck 01:53
19. Custom 02:04
20. From One To Won 01:46
21. Empty World 01:47
22. Poverty's Pair Of Dice 02:06
23. The Squeeze 01:38
24. Born On Halloween 01:49
25. Passin' Time 01:43
26. The Question 02:08
27. My Steelo (Check My Credentials) 01:53
28. Too Much 01:48
29. Bang Bang 02:00
30. Outro (Change) 02:21