Skinemaxxx (LP)

Skinemaxxx (LP)

Fly Anakin
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It’s produced entirely by Foisey—fellow member of Richmond rap collective Mutant Academy—with features from founding Mutant Academician Big Kahuna OG and frequent collaborators Pink Siifu, ANKHLEJOHN and London-based vocalist Demae, who joined Anakin on his 2022 UK tour.

“After dropping one of 2022’s best rap albums, Fly Anakin goes two-for-two in his Skinemaxxx campaign with another high voltage performance.” Okayplayer

The physical offering is a combined product with mind boggling packaging design by Commission Studio and illustrations by River Cousin. The vinyl features a cutout TV screen cover and pull out 2-channel lenticular that allows you to switch between the Skinemaxxx and Discovery channels.

“Features dreamy production reminiscent of the golden era of hip-hop. Anakin flows effortlessly over the beats, with a flow that’s both aggressive and somehow calming ... an exciting new album from one of the best rappers in the underground.” HotNewHipHop

Cover art by River Cousin and Commission Studio.


1. Intro
2. Blicky Bop
3. Cafeteria Skit
4. Sudden Death (Biggest Fan) Feat. Big Kahuna Og
5. Outsidigan's Anthem
6. Bonnet Music
7. Love Song Grand Marquis Version
8. Affirmations Feat. Pink Siifu
9. After School Skit
10. Suppression
11. Blizzies With Go Quan
12. Channel 69 Skit
13. Taxicab Confessions
14. Blain Pitch
15. Animal Planet
16. Intrepid
17. Like Anita
18. Ankhlejohn
19. Things Change Feat. Demae
20. Lacey Duvalle
21. Outro
22. Crashout Feat. Bby Mutha