Sun Patio (LP)

Sun Patio (LP)

Pedro & Capricious
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First reissue of the ’83 album by Pedro & Capricious, the new music band that had a string of hits including “Message to Johnny.” The album features Sawa Katsuragi, the fourth generation of the band’s singer, and covers Latin music and samba classics with Japanese lyrics. As indicated by the artwork by Hiroshi Nagai, the album features 12 tracks of tropical mellow music with a resort-like feel."


A1. The Peanut Vendor
A2. 愛の誓い (Quiereme Mucho)
A3. 優しい罪 (Maria Elena)
A4. 待ちわびても (Te Quiro Dijiste)
A5. 避暑地の出来事 (Ramona)
A6. 時よ止まれ (Besame Mucho)

B1. 二人だけのショータイム (Rumba Tambah)
B2. Day Dream Ocean (Lisbon Antigua)
B3. 波間にて (La Paloma)
B4. 魔法のカーニバル (Amor, Amor, Amor)
B5. 渚のサングリア (Mama Inez)
B6. The Peanut Vendor