The Back Row (7")
The Back Row (7")
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The Back Row (7")

Back Row
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Bringing Jazz on a new wave of Jazz and HipHop fusion New Orleans based production team “Back Row” aims to create a totally new sound without disregarding the essentials of the past. Consisting of Nation On The Bass (electric bass, keys, acoustic guitar), iRoccout (brass, keys) and Burn&Loot (drums and percussion, keys). Back Row offer a diverse menu for those with more of a refined musical pallet. Nation happens to be the original bass player for Grammy Nominated “Tank and the Bangas”. He also manages his own entertainment company (Soul Savvy ENT). iRoccout travels internationally performing with the world renowned HOT 8 brass band when he’s not in the studio. Burn and Loot has handled production and videography for a plethora of artists locally as well as internationally, playing more of a background role.“Back Row Volume One” is a jazz, hip hop full-on instrumental journey. An accumulation of smoked out, late night jam sessions. Rare moments captured by Pro Tools and immortalized on 45” vinyl. “Back Row Volume One” available 2020. Distributed by Grilchy Party LLC

A1. Origins (70 bpm)
A2. Good Credit (88 bpm)

B1. Shine Box (86 bpm)
B2. Bonus (80 bpm)

Live Bass: Nation on the Bass
Live Brass: Iroccout
Keys:Nation, Iroccout,Burn&Loot
Percussion, Programming and Sequencing: Burn&Loot

Mixed by Blake Bettencourt
Mastered by Jonathan Bailey