The Plugs I Met 2 (LP)

The Plugs I Met 2 (LP)

Benny The Butcher
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Mere months after releasing an undisputed AOTY contender for 2020 with Burden Of Proof and only three months after being shot, Benny is back on his feet (way ahead of schedule) and re-immersed in his element “back to that little pot, that little flame”.

While he has separated himself from his peers, Benny from Montana Ave knows the game is to be sold and never told and he has put all of these accolades in his rearview mirror to focus on his next lick; The Plugs I Met 2.

The Plugs I Met 2 is the coronation of a true G going from worker to the PLUG---and never looking back. “I came in as an underdog, to filling out my position as one of the elite rhymers in the industry. Plugs 2 expands upon that mindset; the same confidence, same attitude, cocky, but I still have something to prove” Benny asserts.

Produced entirely by Harry Fraud, the Brooklyn bred producer describes The Plugs I Met 2 as “the story of a hustler who’s realized success but understands how fragile it is. Lyrically the album shows Benny reflecting on what he’s sacrificed to get here and what he’ll need to do to continue his rise to the top. With this project we set out to transport the listener into a world that was lush but still gritty, triumphant but still emotional and sonically diverse across the board.”


A1. When Tony Met Sosa
A2. Overall (feat. Chinx)
A3. Plug Talk (feat. 2 Chainz)
A4. Live By It
A5. Talkin' Back (feat. Fat Joe)

B1. No Instructions
B2. Longevity (feat. French Montana & Jim Jones)
B3. Survivor's Remorse (feat. Rick Hyde)
B4. Thanksgiving