Tsuchi No Ne (Sound Of The Earth) (LP)

Tsuchi No Ne (Sound Of The Earth) (LP)

Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd
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A quintessential work of Japanese big band jazz recorded by the New Herd, headed by one of Japan’s foremost jazz musicians, Toshiyuki Miyama. It is a further concretized continuation of Miyama’s exploration of ‘Wa (Japanese) jazz’ that drove his previous record, ‘Nio and Pigeon’. By intentionally eschewing the use of traditional instruments and sticking to the basic elements of jazz, this masterpiece achieves a unique realization of ‘Japanese jazz’ solely through the arrangement/instrumentation vibes that vary with the theme. Using musical expressions ranging from free jazz to jazz-rock, the record’s tracks come together to form a suite that embodies the poetic sentiments of traditional Japanese folk tales in a magnificent and breathtaking manner.


A1. Kappa Torai No Chi
A2. Mokuhi No Yotabi
A3. Bourei No Numa
A4. Ougi Denjushiki
A5. Neneko No Nakibushi
A6. Senshou Iwai Utae Shinkokka

B1. Kurozuka